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Sonic the Hedgehog Bible: official fanfiction from Sega of America


When Sonic the Hedgehog came over from Japan to the US, Sega of America felt the need to invent a storyline and background for the character. Sonic, after all, was going to be the face of the whole company, so it made sense to take the utmost care in developing his world for American audiences. And that's how the "Sonic the Hedgehog Bible" -- a book of storyline experiments and character biographies -- came to be.

"The bible was developed at SOA in-tune with getting the game from SOJ," Sega designer and game counselor Dean Sitton said. "There was little to no exposure to the original Japanese fiction at that time." As a result, the bible contains story ideas developed completely without SOJ's help. Like the one in which he grows up as "Sonny Hedgehog" in Hardly, Nebraska.

In the pages of the Sonic Bible, you can see the Sonic mythology develop, with handwritten notes detailing the relationship between Sonic and Robotnik, the origins of Sonic's speed, and more. In one draft, Sonic grows up in the forest and learns skills from his animal friends: "From Rabbit, he learns how to outrun every creature in the forest; from Squirrel, he learns how to lob acorns down from trees to pester the unsuspecting victim below; Chicken teaches him how to squawk like a rooster and wake everyone up in the morning ..."

The same document speculates that Sonic turned blue when he broke the speed of sound while running on a treadmill (note: "BORN BLUE") and that Sonic developed his spin attack in response to Robotnik's evil turn (note: "HE'S HAD IT").

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