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Square Enix trademark may reveal title of new action game

The May issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine made an announcement that likely piqued the interest of Squeenix fanboys worldwide -- the renowned RPG developer is currently working on an unannounced action title. Unfortunately, that's the only tidbit about the game which the magazine revealed -- no title, launch platforms, release date or gameplay details were mentioned. Given the nature of the source of this information, we're guessing it's a PS3 title -- but that's an assumption that has hurt us very deeply in the past.

However, a recent Square Enix trademark filing may shed some light on the moniker of its upcoming, unspoken game. Late last week, the developer reserved the name Vanguard Storm with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. As far as we know, the title has no connection to any franchises within Square Enix's expansive catalog. We could postulate further, but instead we'll wait for the next issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine, which promises to blow the doors off this action-packed sucka.

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