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Report: Final Fantasy XIII demo over 5GB in size


Square Enix may have bundled the Final Fantasy XIII demo with Advent Children Complete for reasons other than milking money out of its fanbase. According to an analysis by Japanese site Pocket News, the Final Fantasy XIII demo takes as much as 5.09GB of space on the Blu-ray disc.

That's an astronomical figure for a demo, isn't it? Downloading a file of that size would take quite a bit of time and would be rather costly for Square Enix, considering publishers have to pay for bandwidth costs on the PlayStation Network. If just an hour of gameplay takes up that much space, how large will the final game be? Looks like Final Fantasy XIII will make full use of that 50GB Blu-ray disc.

What does this mean for the Xbox 360 version? We're certain a large amount of data can be shaved off by utilizing compression (there's a ton of CG, don't forget!), but tackling Final Fantasy XIII's size will nonetheless be an interesting challenge for the Xbox 360 development team.

[Via N4G]

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