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Harley Quinn flips out in latest Batman: Arkham Asylum trailer

There's not a comic book nerd aficionado alive who doesn't have a profound appreciation for The Joker's right-hand gal, Harley Quinn. The most recent trailer for Rocksteady and Eidos' surprisingly appealing Batman: Arkham Asylum (posted after the jump) shows a clear explanation of why this is -- she's out of her flippin' mind. Also, sometimes, she's just flippin'.

If you're not familiar with the prowess of Ms. Quinn, the trailer details her sole, villainous super ability: "Total disregard for human life." However, considering the footage we just saw, we think her skill set is a bit more diverse than that. For instance, she shows real promise in the "kicking costumed millionaires in their big, ugly faces" department.

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