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Dual spec issues and how to fix them

Eliah Hecht

Dual spec is very handy, and I've already started relying on it for increased flexibility in setting up my 10-man raids. However, as may be expected with a new feature, it is not without its bugs. From extra talent points to missing talent points to things not switching correctly when you swap specs, I've seen a lot of errors pop up over the last few days.

Fortunately, most dual-spec errors can be fixed by one of the following steps:

  • Reload your UI.
  • Log out and back in.
  • Reset your UI entirely (I haven't seen this help anybody with dual spec issues, but the blues are suggesting it, as always).

Of course, if none of this works, a GM can usually set it right. Ancilorn is also suggesting some work-arounds for specific issues, so go check his post in case you're having resistant issues.

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