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Acer's F900 reviewed in exhaustive detail

Chris Ziegler

Generally speaking, if you found a device that looked an awful lot like an HTC Touch HD with a moderately less-polished UI and a missing 3.5mm audio jack, you'd expect to pay less, right? Makes sense -- but reports in its review of the upcoming F900 from Acer that the high-end WinMo piece will run 25,000 rubles when it launches in Russia later this month, which translates to a whopping $745. Granted, you get a gargantuan WVGA display, 3G, GPS, WiFi, and all the trimmings, but the lack of a standard headphone jack is a huge miss -- and from the review's gallery, it's crystal clear just how far these guys have to go to catch up with HTC's stellar TouchFLO 3D. In the final analysis, they reach the predictable conclusion: unless you're a hardcore ex-E-TENer looking for your latest fix, the phone just gets walloped by better, cheaper competition.

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