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LG VX7100 Glance spied, probably not the form factor you were expecting

Chris Ziegler

If you were to play an impromptu game of word association with us and we said "LG," "candybar for Verizon" probably wouldn't be your first response. Of course, that wouldn't be a legal response since it's three words, not one, but let's try to stay on task here -- the point is that you don't see a whole many LG candybars hit Big Red. Well, seeing is believing, and phoneArena now seems to have scored the first semi-decent picture of what will become the VX7100 Glance, a surprisingly okay-looking black candybar with silver accents. Rumor has it this one will be playing in the low- to midrange, which we can totally believe given its relatively low "VX" number designation and the fact that it'll lack EV-DO; other than that, though, specs are hard to come by at this point, and your guess at a release date is as good as ours. Call us easy sales, but the totally red-free menu here has us stoked already.

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