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Rumor: Warner Bros. hooked on Midway bait


Just a week after casting itself into uncertain waters, Midway has reportedly gotten a bite -- er, been bitten by Warner Bros. Interactive. Now comes the hard part: reeling in the deal. After losing Eidos to Square Enix, Warner's got a grumbling in its tummy for cheap chow, and for a proposed $30 million, Midway is a relatively inexpensive meal for the big fish to swallow. Still, much of Midway is simply indigestible.

An anonymous source tells MCV, "Warner is pretty confident that they will get Midway ... They look ready to put the money on the table." Whether that money is the full $30 million or just a portion of the asking price (for specific IPs like Mortal Kombat, etc.) is allegedly keeping the deal on the line. Will it snap? Oh, the suspense!

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