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T-Mobile Germany website indicates May launch for Cupcake


It's not exactly a huge surprise considering that the Cupcake-powered HTC Magic is confirmed to be coming out May 5th, but T-Mobile Germany's website now looks to have also confirmed that the Cupcake update itself will also be rolling out to G1 users sometime the same month -- in Germany, at least. That'll of course bring with it the much-desired on-screen keyboard, along with video recording, stereo Bluetooth support, and some new integration with Picasa and YouTube, among other fixes and additions. As you can see above, the update will "skillfully" install itself on your G1 as soon as it's available, so you needn't do anything except go on about your daily business in the meantime, or check the interwebs furiously for a means of jumping the cue.

[Via Talk Android]

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