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Val'anyr stats discovered [updated]

Eliah Hecht

Like Boubouille, I'm pretty surprised to find that Val'anyr, the legendary healer mace from Ulduar-25, is up on the Armory, but there it is [update: it's been removed from the US Armory; still up on the EU Armory], and that means we now know all the stats on it. Just on the off-chance that someone considers this information to be a spoiler, I've put it behind the cut, so click on if you want to know what the Hammer of the Ancient Kings has to offer.

You can see the item's tooltip with stats at the right. They took a safe route and gave it a bunch of unobjectionable stats; there isn't a healer out there who can't use more Int or spell power, and haste is also pretty universal. Crit is potentially less useful for resto druids than for the other classes, but I'm sure druids won't be turning the mace down, either.

The other interesting thing about the stats is the lack of regen: no spirit, no mana per 5. This means that aside from the proc, there's nothing healer-specific about it (not that spirit is even really healer-specific these days). Of course, the proc is plenty to guarantee that the weapon goes solely to healers until they've all got theirs.

What I'm curious about is how long until we see one of these things on the realms. Have any of you readers been collecting fragments? How many do you have?

[via MMO-Champion]

EDIT: This has been taken off the Armory now.

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