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Trade in a PS2, get $100 off a PS3


Don't have a PS3 yet? Really? Why?! Gamestop has a very good promotion right now, allowing you to save $100 off the purchase of a 80GB PS3 system when you trade in your PS2 and three games. To get the credit, your system must include AV cables, power cable and a working DualShock 2 controller. Most PS2 games will be eligible for the promo, but they must be worth at least $2 in trade value, meaning your old copy of Madden '04 will definitely not work.

Considering the cost of a new PS2 is now $100, this is quite possibly the best deal you'll be able to get on selling your old and busted system. With Uncharted 2, MAG, Heavy Rain and a number of PS3 exclusives in the pipeline, now might be the time to jump in ... unless you're waiting for that still-elusive price drop.

[Thanks, Torgo!]

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