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Fallen Earth's villainous troupe, the White Crow Battalion

Kyle Horner

Without Darth Vader and the Emperor, Luke probably wouldn't have seemed so heroic to everyone. Why exactly is this kid from the desert blasting all these guys in white armor with his magical powers? What exactly did they ever do to him? Oh, they killed his foster parents and murdered his grandfather figure/teacher. Well that changes a few things, and this developer diary for Fallen Earth discusses many of these merits for their own story.

For Fallen Earth, this seems to be the role that the White Crow Battalion fills for players. As a mercenary group, they don't appear to fall into a faction -- or at least we don't think they do. Considering the opening moments of your newly created character's life revolves around picking up a weapon to stop the merc group from blowing your brains out, we're sure most people won't want to make nice. This excludes the particularly masochistic players, of course.

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