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Meizu M8 coming in white next month?

Chris Ziegler

It's still pretty hard to come across an original black M8 in most parts of the world, but that's not stopping Meizu from outing a second color already, it seems. Rumor has it that dealers are expecting deliveries of white M8s as soon as this Friday, and this picture certainly looks legit enough -- not to say we'd put it past a rabid Meizu fan to create their own white shell -- and we've gotta say, we like what we see. That said, we're still waiting for an HSPA 850 / 1900 version before we take the plunge ourselves, which means we could be waiting a while. And when we say "a while," we mean "we're expecting another 40 colors first," but who knows -- maybe our grandchildren can some day experience the splendor of a 3G M8 in sparkling magenta.

[Via Meizu Me]

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