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Remote media sharing tool Simplify Media updated

Mel Martin

The Simplify Media app for sharing your music libraries across the net or to your iPhone has been updated to version 2.0 (previous coverage here). If you have the app installed on your Mac, PC or Linux computer, you'll see an update notice real soon now. The update includes stability improvements, the ability to share only selected playlists, and a much-desired feature that lets you send your shares to Sonos, Roku or XBox 360 devices. The app now supports FLAC, in addition to the usual MP3, AAC, WMA and Apple Lossless codecs.

Simplify has also added a version 2.0 for the iPhone. The original app will continue to work fine, and it's free. The new version, Simplify Music 2.0 [App Store link], is $2.99US and adds the ability to search your music library from afar, tag tracks as favorites, create on-the-fly playlists and a 'scrub bar' so you have more playback control in podcasts and audio books.

I had no issues with the install on my desktop Mac, but the software irritatingly and without warning put a new share in iTunes called 'Simplify Demo' with an album by Brad Turcotte. I could have lived without it, and can't figure out how to send it back to the netherworld from which it came.

Update: I wasn't the only person ticked off about the demo share the software installed. Check the comments at the bottom of this page on the Simplify Media site. What were these guys thinking? What a creative way to ruin a good reputation. Also, a couple of our readers correctly point out that version one of the iPhone app was free, but is now $3.99.

A further update: Paul Joyce of Simplify Media tells me they will release a new build with an 'off' switch to get rid of the demo share. Good move. It's nice to see a company acknowledge a mistake and move quickly to fix it.

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