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Vodafone UK selling HTC Magic on May 1

Chris Ziegler

As Vodafone Spain goes, so goes Vodafone Germany, so goes... well, you see where we're going with this. Voda's UK branch has issued a press release trumpeting the fact that they'll be next to sell HTC's second Android device as of this Friday, May 1 -- and as is all too often the case with these guys, you can get it for precisely zero pounds sterling depending on your plan (the lowest is a £35 deal with 600 minutes, unlimited texts, and unlimited data, though if you preorder before the 1st, you can get it for £30 instead). To commemorate the occasion, they'll be giving away 20 Magics through the month of May, which is 20 more than T-Mobile USA is selling at the moment. We're not bitter or anything.

[Via MobileBurn]

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