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Motorola posts $291 million loss in first quarter, mobile sales fall 45 percent, Android handsets confirmed for Q4

Laura June

Motorola has spilled some very unappetizing beans with its first quarter results. The company missed its projected sales figure of $5.62 billion, posting $5.4 billion, $1.8 billion of which were in its handsets division. The cellphone space is where the company seems to be hurting the most -- sales were down 45 percent there -- though some projections had it faring worse than that. Overall, Moto's looking at a $291 million loss, or $0.13 a share, which, even in this economy, can't be the greatest of news.

On the bright side, during the earnings briefing, CEO Sanjay Jha confirmed that Motorola will indeed introduce "differentiated Android-based devices" in time for the holiday season this year. Hooray for that, anyway!

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