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Mirror Images given improved AI in Patch 3.1.2

Alex Ziebart

Information on Patch 3.1.2 is starting to trickle out, and this has already become my favorite change of the patch:
  • Mirror Images: The images summoned by this spell will now target the creature that most hates the Mage, and should no longer cast Fire Blast or Frostbolt on targets that are affected by crowd control debuffs that break immediately on damage unless they are already casting these spells when crowd control is applied.
I don't even play a Mage and this pleases me. As much as I enjoyed mocking my raid's Mages when their Mirror Images peeled off from DPSing a boss to kill a nearby bunny, those things really needed some better AI. I knew their pain well back when the Shadowfiend was still as dumb as a box of rocks.

The Mirror Images not breaking Crowd Control is a huge plus, too. It was becoming an ability that you can't push during sensitive moments, and considering the nature of the spell, that's kind of silly! Those are the exact moments you would want to use this ability. I'm glad to see these changes.

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