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Need for Speed: Undercover DLC released, PS3 only for now

Jason Dobson

Need for Speed: Undercover is getting some much-needed extra fuel, both premium and unleaded. Electronic Arts has announced a pair of DLC packs for the ill-received sequel, including a free Challenge Series and a premium collection of customized "boss" vehicles.

The Challenge Series promises a handful of new cars, as well as 60 events across a pair of new game modes, including "Highway Wars," a mix of highway battles and sprint racing, and "Highway Checkpoint," where drivers will maneuver through traffic to reach checkpoints and beat the clock.

The $5 Boss Car pack, on the other hand, gives players access to every boss car in the game, from Carmen's Shelby GT500 to Nickel's Dodge Viper SRT10. Interestingly, the downloads are currently only available for the PlayStation 3, though EA notes that both packs are "coming soon" for the Xbox 360 and PC. Until then, drivers are urged to turn off their ignition and wait patiently for their turn at the pump.

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