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Report: BottleRocket devs hired to finish Splatterhouse


Earlier this year, it was revealed that Namco had taken development of its Splatterhouse revival away from developer BottleRocket, opting to move the game to the internal studio behind Afro Samurai. Namco cited a "performance issue" as its reason for pulling development, a claim that BottleRocket later contested. Now, The Cut Scene is reporting that development has gone back to BottleRocket ... in a manner of speaking. A "source close to the project" claims that Namco has hired several members of the BottleRocket staff and assigned them to a new San Diego office to finish the game.

As Variety notes, it would appear that the "performance issue" didn't apply to the people actually responsible for making the game. Either that, or finishing someone else's game turned out to be more difficult than expected.

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