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Stereophile mag's parent company hits hard times

Steven Kim

We've been steering around stories related to the woeful state of the economy -- and even trying to add some sunshine of our own -- because, frankly, writing about an endless string of companies hitting hard times is just depressing. But the bankruptcy of Source Interlink, parent company of Stereophile magazine, strikes a nostalgic chord for us. Our introduction to the crazy audiophile world came through the folio-sized pages, but recent glances at magazine racks show a slimming magazine and a move towards the nosebleed price regime of the high-end. We don't think that the growth in consumer audio -- and (gasp) convenience -- is at odds with high performance, and one magazine is hardly a bellwether for an entire market; but it's clear that manufacturers need to do more than put high-grade finishes and price tags on their goods to enjoy a healthy business that can survive changing trends in today's market. But we'd love to hear your thoughts -- what's your take on the health of high-end audio?

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