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Windows Marketplace briefly springs to life

Chris Ziegler

When's the last time you saw an AT&T logo and a Windows Mobile "Ev" data icon on the same screen? Yeah, doesn't happen too often -- but strange things happen daily in the wild, wacky world of cooked WinMo ROMs, and the latest strangeness is a doozy: Windows Marketplace in action. It's not for the faint of heart, but a handful of PPCGeeks forum members were able to get Microsoft's mobile app store up and running -- briefly, anyway -- by opening the Marketplace apps on their devices that had previously been displaying "Coming Soon" messages. It seems there wasn't anything terribly Earth-shattering available in the store, though one member was able to download Pandora and get it rocking, so we suppose that's a good sign. Sadly, the whole thing retreated back into the night and reverted to "Coming Soon" just as suddenly as it started working, but at least we've an idea of what to expect when it goes live for keeps.

[Via WMExperts]

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