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Rumor: Scratch: The Ultimate DJ to use MP3 turntable


Should it ever make it into stores, Genius Products' Scratch: The Ultimate DJ might come with a very cool bonus. According to a tweet from producer Quincy Jones III (at least, we think it's really QDIII -- the account is linked from his Myspace account), the turntable controller used for the game will have extra functionality beyond the game.

QDIII's tweet: "The scratch video game also has a real mp3 turn table with a functional fader, just like the real thing... will keep you posted on updates."

If this turns out to be used for Scratch, it will mean that the fake musical instrument for the game is also a real musical instrument -- no modding required. We can't help but wonder, with all the lawsuits happening, if Activision is daring enough to "spontaneously" have the same idea for DJ Hero.

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