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Intellivision DSi collection held back by Nintendo policy


Would you like to have a downloadable collection of vintage console games on the DSi? We would too! Oh well. When the DSi was announced, Intellivision president and IP holder Keith Robinson decided to move a stalled DS version of the Intellivision Lives compilation to DSiWare.

However, Nintendo rejected the project. Apparently, according to an email Robinson received from Nintendo, WiiWare and DSiWare games cannot "run under emulation."

Because of this rule, we're missing out on the most authentic presentation of Intellivision games yet. Look at that -- even the Intellivision keypad is emulated on the touch screen, with overlays and everything. Nintendo didn't respond to IGN's inquiry about the rule, so as of yet we don't have an explanation for the refusal. It's likely that Nintendo refuses emulated projects to avoid Virtual Console-style games on WiiWare. But there's no Virtual Console on DSi, so either that rule needs to be changed or there will be a VC soon. Scratch that -- the rule needs to be changed.

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