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T-Mobile supporting iPhone? Yep

Mel Martin

It doesn't sell them. It doesn't promote them. Apparently, however, T-Mobile will support them. The Consumerist is reporting today that a recent change left iPhone users on the T-Mobile network without voicemail. Worse, when someone tried to call an iPhone on the T-Mobile network, the system sent a blank text message. Unless the iPhone user had an unlimited text account, those little messages were costing money.

Several customers contacted Executive Customer Support and got a phone call that acknowledged the problem, and gave the customers a 1 month service credit.

T-Mobile, through a representative, said "T-Mobile, though they do not offer the iPhone, (but) they are committed to supporting users on their network who have them."

True to their word, within a day or two the problem was fixed.

Wow. Just wow.

Via The Consumerist

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