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Dead Space Extraction is EA 'experiment' in mature content for Wii


In an interview with, Glen Schofield, VP and general manager of the recently re-branded Visceral Games, said that the EA studio's upcoming Wii title Dead Space Extraction is an experiment in mature content on the platform for the publisher.

Asked how he felt given the large portion of Nintendo's userbase seemingly disinterested in mature games, Schofield remarked, "I'm confident -- it is an experiment, but there's going to be 50 million Wiis out there by the time the game comes out, so if you only hit 2 per cent of the installed base and you've got a huge number."

Schofield also pointed to other publishers' attempts at tapping this market, no matter how small it may be, while managing to work in a dig on the low overall scores of most Wii titles. "There have been some [mature games] already, Resident Evil and House of the Dead, that have done really well," he said. "So we're pushing for that 80-plus-rated game, and that'll put you in the top 5 per cent of all Wii games... because most do not have a great score."

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