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Star Wars: The Old Republic's 'Trooper' class detailed


BioWare has declassified data on the Trooper class that'll be fighting alongside the Jedi in its upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO. Yes, as you can see on the class' data page, they do look surprisingly similar to the troopers who fought in the Clone Wars -- but hey, those were wicked cool, so we'll just be thankful for this tweaking of pre-film canon.

As BioWare describes them, the Trooper is an elite special forces element of the Republic's military, a.k.a. a good guy. They're evidently highly effective at close-quaters combat, carry sticky grenades and have access to numerous enhancements for their standard "modern rifle." That and myriad armor variations that will boggle any fanboy's mind. Check out these bad boys (and girls, hopefully) in motion at the official site.

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