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Forum post of the day: Tank Haiku

Amanda Dean

Kyleface of Garona started a thread in the tank forums on Tank Haiku. It seemed that some of the responders prefered to write Haikus abut how they don't like Haikus:

Nancee of Dark Iron submitted a Haiku on Death Knights:

Death and Decay time!
Missing the cower-in-fear!
Hit with the nerf bat...

Avanaco of Misha added in a two verse lament on druid tanking:

Q Q warrior
At least you have some proper

Your items may suck
At least you don't have to wear
Hunter and rogue gear

There are a few other little gems in the thread. Take a moment to take a peek at it.

I was inspired to write my own little tanking poem

Yes, I'll tank for you.
But no matter what you do,
Stay behind the bear.

I thought I'd add to the fun with a little tanking limerick:

I was asked to a tank with a pug.
The Mage, he fought like a slug.
the Rogue went crazy.
The healer got lazy.
And then I was squashed like a bug.

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