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Tuesday Morning Post: Pod Person edition


So the Holiday Rush is finally over, with both Children's Week and Noblegarden out of the way, it's a bit quieter in Azeroth. In fact, some of us are starting to think they may be a problem: It's just too damn quiet. Northrend just doesn't have that much ambiance after a while.

Still, even if the landscape of Northrend is starting to look somewhat sterile, there's still buzzing going on in the background, at least. Patch 3.1.2 remains on the PTR and even has some updated notes, There's a Murloc Marine on the loose, the first round of tickets for BlizzCon will be released in scant days, and we have a plethora of interesting pets and mounts showing up in the game files. Downtime today is 3 AM to 11 AM Pacific, and some servers will be down even longer, so you'll have plenty time to read up on all this and more. Curl up in your WoW Pod and check our usual tuesday morning roundup after the break.

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