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unmarked software cleans up TextSoap 6


OK, when a Mac application has a fun word like "soap" in the name, you just have to roll with the puns. Please forgive me.

The developers at unmarked software have scrubbed the dickens out of TextSoap, their text processing application for Mac OS X. Some dirty bugs had besmirched the application, especially in the trial version, so unmarked lathered up the code and washed 'em out. Now they're bubbling over with clean news about TextSoap 6.2.1.

Bad puns aside, TextSoap 6.2.1 also adds some new improvements to the venerable text processor. You can read a complete list of changes on the TextSoap 6 history page. If you're not familiar with TextSoap, it brings powerful text processing and cleaning tools to just about any other app through the rarely-used OS X Services Menu. Plugins are provided for other applications such as Coda, BBEdit, and TextWrangler.

If you own version 4 or 5 of TextSoap, unmarked would like to remind you that you can still upgrade to 6.2.1 for US$24.95. Those of you who are trying out TextSoap for the first time can use the free trial, and then consider purchasing the application for US$39.95.

(While we're talking about soap, check out that cool Macintosh apple-scented iPhone soap in the photo!)

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