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Rumor: Pictures show 'slim' PS3 model in production


We hope you like salt, because you should take these images with a couple of handfuls of it. Game Column & Blog has posted what could be pictures of the outer shell and box for an unannounced, slimmed-down PlayStation 3.

The purported new model swaps out the shiny 'Piano Black' exterior for a textured look like that of the PS2, and, for some reason, ditches the Spider-Man font for a logo that is also more in line with the PS2. Actually, now that we think about it, it makes a lot of sense to model an upcoming PS3 redesign after the still-successful PS2.

These pictures arrive amidst rumors that, in addition to the (rumored) PSP Go!, some other new Sony hardware may be unveiled at E3. If those rumors are true, and if the new hardware is a PS3, then ... these pictures could still be fake.

[Via Mr. Universal]

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