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Features announced for EQII's Game Update 52

William Dobson

EverQuest II's Game Update 52: Monument and Might is almost ready to roll out on the Test server, and the official community site has put up a preview of some of the highlights of the patch. There seems to be a focus on the Rise of Kunark areas for this update. Here's what the preview tells us is coming:

  • The player-written books we had a look at last month
  • A new zone called the Emperor's Athenaeum in Charasis
  • A group instance called Kurn's Tower: Breaching the Void
  • A x2 raid zone also based on Kurn's Tower
  • Research Assistants that can upgrade spells and combat arts
  • Over 80 new quests in the overland zones of RoK
We spotted a post from Kiara on the forums saying that these things are planned to be on Test next week if possible, so it won't be long until we know a lot more.

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