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Flagship lost Bill Roper friends and loved ones

Justin McElroy

Every day we ponder if now is the time to stuff our credibility into a rocket, shoot it into the sun and become the world's most irreverent and depressingly unqualified development studio. But we have to admit, interviews like Gamasutra's new one with Bill Roper, in which he details how the downfall of Flagship turned games into a business for him, give us pause.

At one point, he says, "It was a really dark time. It cost me a lot more than just the money we'd put into the company and things like that. It cost me a lot on a personal level with friends and loved ones that I wasn't able to keep in the process." ... So, wait, it's not just drawing pictures of gigantic guns and space babes while you tighten up the graphics on level three? Looks like we'll be keeping our day jobs.

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