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Funcom reveals first details on its free-to-play MMOs

Lesley Smith

Funcom, who are probably better known for Age of Conan, have started spilling the details on several free-to-play MMOs. According to Gamasutra, the company is currently working on not one but two titles, one based in Java and the second in a web browser. Funcom outlined the plans as part of their latest financial report, outlining some of their short and long-term goals which included branching into free-to-play MMOs.

While neither of the two titles has a confirmed release date, Funcom did go into a little more detail about the logistics involved. For example, the Java-based game has a team of seventeen people and is being aimed at a young demographic, possibly tweens or teens. From the images they have released, the game appears to have a traditional fantasy setting and the ability to ride animals. Meanwhile the browser-based title is being aimed more at gamers and has fourteen people working on development. The company has also stated that they hope to reach a 'combat milestone' this summer.

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