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TUAW Review: RadTech ProCable Shortz

Cory Bohon

RadTech manufactures a lot of accessories for the iPhone and iPod, but one recently caught my attention. The recently released ProCable Shortz cables are handy in tight places where you need a USB to 30-pin connector cable. I use mine in my car to hook up my iPhone to the stereo via a USB cable. Before the ProCable Shortz, I had a regular sized 30-pin cable and it took over my glove box with a tangle of wires. These cables can also come in handy when you want to charge or sync your iPhone/iPod with your MacBook, but don't want a tangled nest of wires sitting beside you on the desk.

The RadTech ProCable Shortz come in many flavors, but the most recently released USB to 30-pin iPod connector cables come in two sizes and two colors. You can pick up these cable in either 7-cm or 20-cm lengths, and either in white or black. The build quality is similar to Apple's own cables, and in some ways the cabling seems stronger. Prices are not terrible either: Only $7.95-US for the 7-cm cable or $8.95-US for the 20-cm cable. Compare that to Apple's $19.00 US dock connector cable. The ProCable Shortz are available on the RadTech website.

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