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Engadget HD Podcast 137 - 05.20.2009

Trent Wolbe
Good times this week as the oldest editor for Engadget HD finally joins your old favorites, unfortunately this new addition also introduced some technical difficulties so we had to work extra hard to clean up the audio. But despite our hard work we're afraid you're still going to be able to notice things didn't turn out quite right. We also continue to try out broadcasting the show on uStream and honestly think we've almost figured it out. When we do have it down, we'll be posting a link and letting you know the time and place in advanced. This week did have a really good slate of topics and the three of us didn't have any problems finding lots to talk about, so get ready for plenty of HD talk.

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Hosts: Ben Drawbaugh, Steven Kim

Producer: Trent Wolbe

00:01:38 - Comments from Engadget HD Podcast 136 - 05.14.2009
00:10:50 - Time Warner Cable loses HDNet at the end of the month, says "being in HD is not enough"
00:15:15 - History prepping WWII in HD series
00:19:49 - Netflix CFO talks Watch Now selection, competition
00:27:09 - Logitech Harmony Adapter for the PlayStation 3 review
00:35:15 - LG's WiFi-enabled, DivX-friendly BD390 Blu-ray player now shipping
00:39:25 - How do you like your TiVo, with bleeps & bloops or without?
00:43:33 - Automatic commercial skipping comes to Windows 7
00:52:55 - Linksys discontinues its Extenders for Media Center
01:02:00 - Hands-on with Microsoft's internet tv beta 2, still unwatchable
01:08:30 - If you saw Star Trek or The Dark Knight on IMAX Digital, did you get your money's worth?
01:21:35 - Poll: Best LCD backlighting choice?
01:27:45 - ups the HD streaming ante, offers 1080p HD gallery of full episodes and clips
01:30:05 - HDMI 1.4 brings internet sharing, dreadful tiers of quality
01:34:50 - RealNetworks steps up its RealDVD legal case, just wants your approval


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