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Symbian Foundation boss talks up Symbian for netbooks, and more


We've already seen Symbian ported to an Atom-based PC for kicks, but it looks like Symbian Foundation boss Tim Holbrow already has some considerably grander plans, and says that we could actually see some Symbian-running netbooks in stores before too long. As TechRadar reports, when asked if we'll see Symbian netbooks on the market, Holbrow replied "I think so, yep," before intriguingly adding that he thinks the real question is "will netbooks carry on being netbooks?" Apparently, Holbrow sees netbooks becoming nothing more than a "single processor" that people carry around and use to access data from various sources -- letting folks use a wireless keyboard and display at home and have the UI adjust automatically, for instance, or what Holbrew calls "superconvergence." Of course, Holbrow isn't making any firm promises just yet, although he does say he can "see world in two or three years' time where mobile devices start to eat into the world of laptops and netbooks."

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