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WoW Moviewatch: In Memory - Retribution Final Trailer


The In Memory - Retribution Final Trailer is one hell of a piece of work. The author, Necka, says that he's over 70% done with the actual movie, and that he and his production team are in the final stretch of completion. The script writer is Kirochi, who seems to have created a powerful story.

The trailer hints at the movie's epic action, including more than a few appearances from WoW's biggest bad guys. The movie has been through a few bumps and bruises such as delayed start times, and having to work with scenes that existed before its current incarnation. Even with those challenges, this looks like the final production is totally going to be worth it.

The subtitles can be a little tough to read, but the voices are clear and easily understood. The camera work in awesome, and I think Necka's framed each scene in a way that really captures your attention and imagination. The YouTube video can take a little time to load, but is totally worth the wait.


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