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New details on Korean Katamari Damacy Online


Remember Katamari Damacy Online? Yeah, neither do we. A refresher: Katamari Online is a PC iteration of the weird and addicting franchise being published by WindySoft for Korea. First revealed two years ago, has new details about the game (translated courtesy of New artwork has been unveiled for the game, featuring two new characters, Mint and Mellow. A new map, Seoul, has been revealed as well. As one might expect, the map features some of Seoul's landmarks.

The story revolves around the King of All Cosmos creating a black hole during a picnic. Naturally, it's the player's job to create a katamari big enough to plug the hole. While not exactly the same, the plot sounds an awful lot like the one used in Beautiful Katamari. It might seem like a small matter but, really, what is a Katamari game without an excellent plot to back it up?

The game is set to have plenty of new modes and features, including a new House system, which we now know allows players to create their own islands using the items collected on their katamaris. The site also mentions the game's Pet system, though no new details have been revealed just yet.

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