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Microsoft wants you to share WinMo apps with yourself; others, not so much

Chris Ziegler

With the App Store, App Catalog, App World, Ovi Store, and all shades of third-party mobile software stores out in the wild, Microsoft's undoubtedly looking at Windows Marketplace as being one of the more important features it's bringing to the table in the fanfare surrounding WinMo 6.5. Differentiating features that Redmond can pimp against the competition -- all of which sound like identical concepts from a quick glance on paper -- could be a key offensive weapon in keeping 6.5 playing with the big boys long enough to get WinMo 7 out of the door, but one thing we now know won't be a part of that is a useful app sharing concept. As it was originally understood, the idea was that the Windows Marketplace would allow you to share purchased apps with up to a total of five devices, meaning friends, family, and coworkers could exchange wares. Seems like a good idea to casually spread the word about great software, but Microsoft's now followed up to clarify: turns out you'll only be able to share the app with five of your own phones, the idea being that you'll be able to easily transfer software licenses when you upgrade to new hardware. To verify the link, you'll need to use the same Windows Live ID on all devices -- so unless you plan on sharing your with everyone you know, you're out of luck.

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