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Mivvy wants you to "enjoy mobile life," use two SIM cards

Chris Ziegler

We'll be honest: we hadn't heard of Czech firm Mivvy before mobile-review's expose on the company's new models. We suspect most members of its European target audience haven't either -- but one thing they may be able to identify with is the Dual Touch TV's design (pictured), which combines the HTC Touch Diamond's unique prismatic battery cover with Motorola iconography (notice the "A" and "B" buttons), a genuinely puzzling numeric / nav pad layout, and words of encouragement that we should "enjoy mobile life" along the side and back. The other two new units in the company's lineup -- the Dual Nio and Dual Slider -- are more forgettable, but all three offer dual SIM support and GPRS-only data. In the case of the Dual Touch TV you've also got an analog TV tuner, which will slowly cease to do anyone any good as analog television goes dark around the world. Not the most stellar specs in the world -- but the most expensive of the three runs just $215 fully unlocked, so at least you're getting what you pay for and paying for what you get.

[Via Unwired View and mobile-review]

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