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Cities XL feature set and subscription pricing for European release announced

James Egan

Paris-based game developer Monte Cristo Multimedia is only a few months away from releasing Cities XL which will potentially bring something fresh to the MMO scene: persistent world city-building. We've reported that some of Europe's French and German-speaking countries will get their hands on Cities XL first as of September 3rd.

Monte Cristo has dropped more details today about the online play they'll deliver with Cities XL with their online/persistent world "Planet Offer". We suspect the feature set will remain much the same when the title releases for North America, however subscription pricing has only been announced for Europe:

Multiplayer gameplay:

  • Trade resources with other players to develop economic strategies, specialise your cities, maximise your possibilities in a global economy
  • Work cooperatively to build Mega Structures – special buildings that enhance your city aesthetically and economically
  • Web-based city management -- check your trade contracts, receive alerts, adjust your decisions from any computer in the world
Persistent MMO world:
  • Each player receives five slots to build five persistent cities on different Planets
  • Contribute to the life and statistics of the Planets (economics, population, pollution...): what you do has an impact on the world

Community features and animations in-game and on the web:
  • Visit one another's cities, see other players' creations and content, chat with other players
  • Create and participate in online events, discover virtual cities and real people
Regular upgrades:
  • All Buildings, Maps, simulation and functionality upgrades are free with the Planet Offer
Monthly costs:
  • 1 Month = 7€
  • 3 Months = 5€/month
  • 6 Months = 4.5€/month
Massively will keep an eye out for more info about Cities XL as it gets closer to launch, and of course more on Monte Cristo's plans for a North American release.

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