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Trademark suggests a classic Bemani music game Pop'n up in North America


One of Konami's pre-Guitar Hero arcade music games may be on its way to the US, according to a trademark found by Superannuation. On May 20th, Konami filed a US trademark for the name "pop'n music" for use in video games.

Pop'n Music is an extremely cutesy music game that uses a series of nine large buttons as its input; players hit those buttons in response to falling notes in nine columns. Its colorful graphics and big buttons betray its origin as a "casual play" music game, however, like all Bemani games, Pop'n Music has become ridiculously difficult over the years.

If the game does come out as an arcade or console release in North America, Konami will have dozens of games' worth of songs to choose from. Which probably won't matter, as music games rely entirely on licensed popular music now. Oh, well. After the break, check out an appropriately insane Pop'n video.

[Via Superannuation]

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