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Tuesday Morning Post: Three days' grace


The one little problem with having a nice 3-day weekend is that getting back into gear after it's over can be a bit tough. But here we are, back on the chain gang, nose back on the grindstone, and all that good stuff. Anyway, there are rolling restarts, as well as some minor maintenance on a handful of servers. If you're reading this from work though, it probably doesn't matter as much, since you can't play WoW regardless. Unless you're one of those lucky dogs that has a job that lets you play WoW. In which case you may have trouble doing that this morning.

Okay, anyway, if you're on those servers or can't play for some other reason, you'll want something to pass the time until you can play, which is where we come in. Here's a roundup of some of the best and most interesting stuff from the past 7 days or so:

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