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Nintendo's Rob Lowe discusses casual versus core product cycles

In an interview with, Nintendo UK product manager Rob Lowe was asked if the casual, family-friendly gamer has become more valuable to the video games industry than the core gamer. "There is clear room for both and any publisher can demonstrate clear value in both casual and hard core," he responded, suggesting Nintendo sees the benefit of having titles aimed at both markets. A fair assessment from the company who reigns supreme in the hardware sales charts.

According to Lowe, casual and core software have the same ability to sell, but each at a different pace. While core titles usually sell well within a short time, casual games have a better ability to sell consistently throughout their lifespan on the store shelf.

"For every Carnival Games there is a BioShock and for every Wii Fit there is a Resident Evil 5," Lowe said. "It's really just different product cycle." A strong argument, even if Lowe couldn't name two recently released core titles on his own platform.

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