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Fortune: Palm Pre syncs flawlessly with iTunes


We've previously reported on the emerging showdown between Apple and Palm over Palm's latest phone, the Palm Pre. The phone, set to come out the weekend before Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference, is already said to have several technological improvements over the iPhone.

But now, there's an additional incentive to those who may not want the original iPhone. Fortune magazine has discovered that if you plug a Palm Pre into a Mac, it will sync content from iTunes with no issues. According to the article, the iTunes Music Store will recognize the Palm Pre the same as it does an iPhone or an iPod. However, it will not load the DRM-protected music that the iTunes Music Store used to sell.

The article states that there is third party software that provides a bridge between non-Apple devices and iTunes. However, the Palm Pre has the code built right into the device -- a boon for those wanting an alternative to the iPhone, but possibly setting the teeth of Apple's legal team to gnashing. To date, there has been no response from Apple, but previous analysis has suggested that Apple just might have a case against Palm.

[Via Magazine]

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