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Microsoft touts 30 million Xbox 360s sold, 20 million Xbox LIVE members


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Sony may have been the first to claim the 20 million users number, but most will no doubt agree that Microsoft has a considerably stronger claim to that title, as their just-announced 20 million users apparently includes only "active members," and doesn't include users that have simply signed up to use their online forums. Even less debatable are Microsoft's latest sales numbers for the console, which now officially top 30 million worldwide. As Microsoft points out, that translates to a whopping $14.5 billion in sales across all Xbox 360 categories, or an impressive $5.9 billion in game sales for third-party publishers. Other tidbits include the fact that Xbox 360 users own 8.3 titles each on average, and that Xbox LIVE has seen a 136% increase in new members since the launch of the New Xbox Experience last year.

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