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Telltale working on Sam & Max Season 3, using cursor-less controls

Everyone's favorite bipedal canine and hyperkinetic rabbity thing missed the "Early 2009" window for the launch of their third season of adventure games -- but fear not! In a recent interview with The Inquirer, a few fine folks from the Telltale crew explained that the developer is still working on Sam & Max Season 3 -- though the controls may feel a little less clicky this time around.

According to Telltale co-founder Kevin Bruner, Season 3 will feature the cursor-less, console controller-friendly control scheme featured in the PC and 360 adventure title Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures. Makes sense -- we know Telltale is interested in bringing the new season to consoles, and having a sans-pointer control scheme would let them do that with ease. However, we imagine adventure game purists and mouse fetishists alike will be none too pleased.

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