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Twitter Time: 10 words or less con't

Michael Sacco



blizatrex @wowinsider dwarf warrior in trouble. shield wall!

kesoleil @wowinsider "I'm down." "Forgot you were a rogue again?" "Shut up."

str1fe @wowinsider "If it's pretty, don't stand in....oh, dammit"

Pnut060 @wowinsider 10 year old guildie literally crying over loot on vent.

kesoleil @wowinsider Famous Last Words: "I can Solo heal that." *raid wipes*

rikitikitik @wowinsider Fresh from Naxx 10 full clear, we faced Malygos. Splat!

Elad @wowinsider "Are you all hard for this ready-mode boss?"

rikitikitik @wowinsider "Guys, the debuff is up. Don't move!" Release?

Elad @wowinsider Whoops, forgot Righteous Fury.

anjldust @wowinsider "This," he said, "is where the epics come from."

puzzill @wowinsider Cylindra bubbled her warrior, now to hope and pray

ruairi @wowinsider multi-tasking tank causes wipe

Pnut060 @wowinsider I can spend all night doing this rofl

ruairi @wowinsider bored healer causes wipe

XandosFiretree @wowinsider Twenty-four strangers departed Shattrath, hunted Illidan. Two dozen friends returned.

DLMDixon @wowinsider Hunter leaves pet on aggressive preparing for Algalon. Dooms Azeroth.

cwharton @wowinsider The gaping maws of Yogg-Saron filled her nightmares every night.

wow_acia @wowinsider | Healer story - "Get out of the fire or I won't heal you!"

ClakyDruott @wowinsider Tonight I ran out of ammo, last boss in Naxx....

locktart @wowinsider run up stairs. Oh shi- "YOU FAIL!" killed by Kologarn.

Pnut060 @wowinsider My naxx raid laughing at friend stuck behind a box.

benquinney @wowinsider Guiding Star dropped - and I got it. Awesome!

Brightbeerd @wowinsider Pug was OK. The tank was bad. Stupid hunter pets.

Aeire @wowinsider I murder things for honor, glory, and really pretty clothes.

FeistTheRogue @wowinsider "Walk into Ulduar, kill monsters, collect loot, rinse and repeat."

Aoikari @wowinsider Me and some undead chicks entered a bar, got lucky.

eyuzwa @wowinsider "we'll be alright since everyone has their Onyxia cloaks...right?"

Night0wl @wowinsider Ragnaros so close, sons to go, oh no we wiped!

Umatar @wowinsider My proct pally gets turned on my being hit hard.

omgitsafox @wowinsider "Hey, where'd your pet go?" "...Oh shit. PASSIVE, DAMMIT."

Serneum @wowinsider Atkallen the hunter shot Archimonde in the face.

LouGagliardi @wowinsider Warrior fights boss, wins and promptly celebrates.


Stoopid512 @wowinsider I withheld water from Ringo, just to watch him die.

Aoikari @wowinsider never going to let you down! Thrall said to Jaina.

paulje00 @wowinsider "Orcs, the other green meat"

Aoikari @wowinsider Never going to the undercity zoo again... must wash eyes!

awlbiste @wowinsider Nelf Rogue killing the Tarren Mill fightmaster. Can't get out.

tselmorrah @wowinsider He sought trade but found only Chuck Norris jokes.

TragicDog @wowinsider guys, don't go up to the top... damn it! RUUUUUNNNN

Jaysen_N @wowinsider Materinty test proves that neither are the baby daddy, GASP!

spasticsnap @wowinsider Tauren leaves her fertile homelands to battle frozen dead.

Night0wl @wowinsider Hydraxian Waterlords, need daily quests, Ragnaros respawns to slow, Farmed/

knight816 @wowinsider rain fell silently on the windshield; it was actually ichor

kiffar @wowinsider Titanium Node! Mine, Paladin! His head stuck to my pick.. <_<

Bytorsnowdog @wowinsider female elf dancing naked, sigh deeprun tram all over again!

tashalee @wowinsider The priest said to her, "My holy nova prematurely crits."

Jaysen_N @wowinsider Thrall and Arthas battle it out on the Jerry Show.

Jaysen_N @wowinsider Jaina rumored to be pregnant, with Arthas as baby daddy.

Aoikari @wowinsider I wake up and i'm in undercity with no liver....

Metrophelean @wowinsider Arthas would be less angsty if Icecrown had restrooms.

rmoore08 @wowinsider I teabagged an enemy player. It was hot!

Jaysen_N @wowinsider Jaina and Thrall will marry, then live happily ever after.

Metrophelean @wowinsider DOWN DRUID! That is not what EPIC MOUNT MEANS!

Aoikari @wowinsider magtheridon took me back to his lair, hes dirty. ;]

professorbeej @wowinsider Body of an elf, a dwarf's face, orc's smell: love.

arkbites1 @wowinsider Thrall takes Stormwind. Starbuck's soon opens in the auction house.

brigwyn @wowinsider mike and turpster were caught in the game closet together

Ashayo @wowinsider So this one time, at (band) Camp Taurajo, I /shindig'ed.

chuckenorris @wowinsider a priest and a gnome walk into a bar

JoshJosa @wowinsider Walking in the Fjord, Carosh discovers three frost wyrms mating.

nickhuber @wowinsider When the candle factory closed, Kobolds all over Azeroth wept.

maziltov @wowinsider Low railings on Thunder Bluff bridges = long fall, possible lawsuit.

kryptongirl @wowinsider The druid turned into a dog tree. He barked.

profetacinque @wowinsider Arthas wanted to go see the zoo; Jaina said "no".

Matt_LRR @wowinsider Arthas looked on, coldly. "who left the air-conditioner running?"

Curtis_Hanna @wowinsider Baby Gnome shoes for sale. Never worn.

ravenette13 @wowinsider Sometimes, death knights just like to pick flowers. The end.

lttleknownceleb @wowinsider You know, I really thought that gnome was dead.

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