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Mad Catz's wireless Fender Rock Band bass to ship soon

Darren Murph

Just when you'd given up all hope that Mad Catz would ever ship its Fender Precision Bass for Rock Band, in flies this. If you'll recall, said axe was originally introduced to the world in September of last year, and with a certain Beatles-inspired bass set to ship in the ninth month of this year, Mad Catz obviously felt the time was right to cease its dilly-dallying. According to company CEO Darren Richardson, the wireless Fender bass for Rock Band will ship "later this month," which should mean that it'll be hitting store shelves over the weekend. In related news, the company has inked a multi-year licensing agreement with Microsoft that will allow it to "manufacture, market and sell Xbox 360-branded wireless specialty videogame controllers." Fun for them, yeah?

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