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Second Life users offput by content-ratings test area

Tateru Nino

Linden Lab has set up a group of test regions for the new three-way content-ratings system, but the reactions we're getting from users indicate that many are less than pleased with the setup. Featuring electric fences, warning signs, barbed wire and floodlights, some feel that the setup evokes more of a wartime German feel than anything. An avatar approaches the fence, gets zapped and comes away trailing smoke.

"So, which way are the showers," he quips.

"It's like some wry commentary, hoax or rick-roll," observes another.

I spent the next hour listening to users engaging in a lively debate about the build. Some few are convinced that it is intended to be a joke, and that the implication that verified users with access to Adults-Only content are somehow second-class is just an unfortunate side-effect.

Some think the staff-builder was himself raising a bit of a mutinous objection to the company policies by selecting such an oppressive construction.

One or two think that the setup was intended to convey a protective feel.

"Protective like Orwell's Big Brother," says one.

Another avatar approaches the fence, and the floodlights swivel to track her movements. She backs away.

"Umm ... I'm not really sure that I want to try this," she says, and teleports away.

Admittedly a few think it is genuinely funny.

Have you visited the location? What are your thoughts?

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